all day the darkness and the cold upon my heart have lain
like shadows on the winter sky, like frost on the pane


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Anything mergana asked by anon

Merlin   Morgana   it still hurts   thanks for the tears Alex   

Let it go, let it go.
Can’t hold it back anymore.

Merlin   Morgana   

How do I stop her?
That is easy young warlock, you must kill her.

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Merlin AU: Gaius and Merlin help Morgana with her magic and she doesn’t turn evil

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"I know now who I really am & there is nothing to be scared of"

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merlin   morgana   

you’ve played your game well, emrys.

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Merlin   Morgana   


“What happened to you Morgana? As a child you were so kind, so compassionate.”
“I grew up.”

“What happened to the young boy who came into my chambers just a few years ago?”
“He grew up.”

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